Biography of Andy E. Williams
Andy E. Williams  

I was born in the Bronx,NY of Antiguan parents and was raised in New York, Toronto, and Antigua. I’ve been writing poetry and prose since the day I showed up at as a youth at the Cabbagetown Boxing and Youth Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada to learn how to box like “the Greatest”, Muhammad Ali. The grizzled old coach Ken Hamilton wasn’t impressed by new comers big on hopes that might be small on guts and work ethic. Ken told me to come back with evidence I was committed to the long haul. I did return the next day with an epic poem depicting a man’s lifelong journey through the “Sweet Science” as it was then called, performing the spoken word of the poem to Ken and those that stood with Ken in judgement of whether I made the cut. Despite the renowned short patience of the wizened coach, the heart and fearlessness of my metaphor won him over.  As with all boxing gyms, the walls of that gym were a visual and written chronicle of big and small events in their corner of the boxing world. My first unofficial publication was the honour by being posted among the “truths” hung on those walls.I continued to pursue literature and engage in writing workshops while attending the University of Toronto, but the main focus of my studies was outside of literature, in the science of physics. These studies carried me, at first, far from any literary direction, initially landing me in graduate school at the University of Toronto studying nano-electronics, and then into the working world as part of the software industry. Intending to write again at some point in the future, I nevertheless put aside any creative writing to focus on what was supposed to be a very non-literary software career. However in the work world my colleagues were often entertained by my written communication and commented on my flair for it. I came to recognize over time that my love for communicating in writing had not gone away, but that in fact whatever talent I was born with had continued to hone itself in the seeming absence of any literary outlet. In this moment of realization, I came to recognize that the desire to share my particular perspective and insights through writing had always been a fundamental part of me and could no longer be ignored. With that conviction, I took to drafting my first novel. With dogged determination I continued to rewrite, furthering honing prose until I found a literary voice that spoke the message I had to communicate. The result is my first novel “Ghosts of Our Ancestors”.

As for photography, well I’ve always had a fascination with images. During university my studies in physics included a solid grounding in optics. More importantly, I worked in a photo development lab and had ready access to development facilities. With this combination, and with my dad’s old camera, my love for photography took off. My earliest subjects were anything I could find around the university, which included a wealth of old buildings with interestingly textured and architected exteriors and well-worn wooden finishes in rooms with quirky lighting.